Thursday 10 January 2013

Richard Warman loses AGAIN in Ontario Court

We went into the court and we were before Madam Justice Toscano-Roccamo. On a side note, I must say that she was a very pleasant person. She greeted those of us who were sitting in the audience...actually addressed us twice. That has never happened before, in my experience.

Anyway, she was also very well acquainted with the case. The told us that she didn't want to go through every amendment to our Statement of Claim that the other side disagreed with, and she said that, after reading all of our materials she already had several thoughts on the matter and asked the lawyers if they wanted to hear them.

Both sides said that they did. So, she basically said that she was going to accept our amended Statement of Defence as it was written. Then, on the issue of the jury notice, she said that the other side had not provided her with any evidence that they would be prejudiced if she allowed us to file a jury notice. Since there was nothing in their evidence that showed they would be prejudiced, it was clear she was going to allow our jury notice, too.

Then, she asked the lawyers if they wanted to take half an hour to talk and see if they could come to a resolution. Once we met, the other side immediately agreed to consent to the updated Statement of Defence and to us filing a jury notice. Costs will be awarded at the end of the trial. We agreed to allow them two more hours to cross-examine me since our Statement of Defence is now considerably longer and more detailed. We responded to that by asking for two more hours to cross-examine Richard Warman. They did not consent to that, and the judge didn't think the law allowed for it, so we let it go. It's not like he answers questions, anyway, so it's not a big deal.

The big deal is that we got what we wanted in the motion. Exactly what we wanted. We now have a kick-ass Statement of Defence, and this trial is going to a jury!

Bring on September, baby! We're ready to rock and roll!!


The original 'Statement of Claim' filed in this matter by Mr. Warman was dated Nov. 19, 2007.
The 15,000 word 'Statement of Claim' filed by Mr. Warman referenced 62 comments made by 35 different FreeDominion members on 7 different FreeDominion threads from Aug 7 to Oct 30, 2007.

Connie, Mark and 8 'John Does' were named as liable for up to $150,000 damages to Mr. Warman's reputation, alleged to arise from those postings. (The amount has since been 'amended' to $300,000.)

Related litigation occurred to force the Fourniers of FreeDominion to reveal any information which might expose the 'real' identities of the '8 John Does' named in the original Warman SoC.

On June 2, 2009, a thread mounted was mounted on blogsite 'Anti-Racist Canada' titled:
Four of the Free Dominion "John Does" Have Been Identified,
That thread included a Richard Warman Affidavit filed May 19, 2009.

Anti-Racist Canada is a blogsite launched 2 weeks after the original Warman 'Statement of Claim' noted above, with the purpose of demonizing and defaming Respondents to legal litigation launched by Richard Warman.

On Dec 8, 2010, Connie mounted a thread titled Connie's account of the John Doe Motion hearing
That thread included this comment:
Connie Fournier wrote:Near the end of Barbara's presentation, the judge asked her if an order could be made that would protect the John Does from the negative aspects of "outing". Katz [Warman's Counsel] jumped in to say that Warman's affidavit said that he would not use the information for anything other than to identify them for the purposes of this suit.

On May 31, 2011 Connie mounted a thread titled:
BREAKING Motion Ruling - FD must turn over John Doe info

It should be noted that two years prior to the Court's Decision on the 'John Doe' matter, Mr. Warman - aided and abetted by sympathizers - had already determined the identity and location of several FreeDominion 'John Does' by careful scrutiny of online posts

Those identities were subsequently published 'anonymously' on far-left activist 'Anti-Racist Canada', a blogite with ties to 'Anti-Racist Action' - a group know for violent demonstration against persons it deemed 'racist' - prior to the Affidavit being served on all the persons identified therein.

On Jan 16, 2012, Connie received notice of an amended 'Statement of Claim' indicating that 26 of the posts mentioned in the original SoC were removed, or partially removed, and that 12 of the 35 posters referenced in the original SoC were dropped from the filing, (including 2 of the 8 originally named as 'John Does').

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