Thursday 22 November 2012

Richard Warman and Anti-Racist Action

Members of violent Anti-Racist Action thank Richard Warman for bus rental
Who are Anti-Racist Action?
They are known for their violent tactics. In the past few years, ARA has smashed the home of Gary Schipper, attacked the home of Paul Fromm, and have been implicated in stabbings and attempted murders in Toronto. On June 7, 2004, Toronto Police testified under oath that the ARA are "[ARA are] ... quite strident and militant in the way they choose to confront these people. ... It's an in your face type of organization, that my feeling is that they're confrontational..."
Richard Warman Gave the Key Note speech to Anti-Racist Action in 2005.
Toronto Police testimony on Anti-Racist Action
A history of Anti-Racist Action Violence
August 19, 2006: Anti-Racist Action Attack on Paul Fromm's home
July 28, 2005 Richard Warman writes to the Montreal Mirror defending Anti-Racist Action
Michael Geist article on Warman trying to use the CRTC to block websites.
Rob Hyndman article on Warman trying to use CRTC with comments

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