Sunday 18 November 2012

Richard Warman's Covert Alias: Dave McLean

Richard Warman's Covert Alias:
Dave McLean
Used for:
Infiltration of Canadian Heritage Alliance mailing list and to order a supporter card.

Transcripts of Warman admitting to pretending to be: Dave McLean:
MR. WARMAN: Yes. I subscribed to the Canadian Heritage Alliance's e-mail newsletter listing using that e-mail address, so they would e-mail me materials from time to time to that e-mail address.

MS CEILIDH SNIDER: And the e-mail address at the beginning of it, is there a name?

MR. WARMAN: Yes, that is the e-mail address.

THE CHAIRPERSON: That's the e-mail address you used yourself?

MR. WARMAN: Yes, it is, yeah.

Testimony of Richard Warman (See Full transcript in Guille/CHA case)

Dave McLean Information:
E-Mail address used:
Richard Warman Infiltrating the Canadian Heritage Alliance and receiving a Supporter Card
MR. WARMAN: Yes. Essentially as I stated, it was in response to a membership application that I submitted to the Canadian Heritage Alliance. I sent in the required funds and gave them an address, requested to become a member and to be kept informed of all future activities and this is what I received.
From CHA/Guille Transcript, Nov 23/07 Page 727

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