Wednesday 14 November 2012

Richard Warmans Fake Personas

On Warman using fake names in a covert operations.
"I am not sure that I  am completely comfortable with the fact that another name was used. I am not going to comment on that. There is some kind of impersonation going on here which I am not completely comfortable with"
Tribunal Member in Eldon Warman case
"Mr. Warman’s posting on Stormfront and VNN are “..both disappointing and disturbing”   Further Mr. Warman’s postings “…could have precipitated further hate messages in response.”

Fake pseudonyms used by Richard Warman in covert operations against Canadians
"Theres a reason it's called "White" Nationalism and why the founders of NS excluded sexual deviants that are like a Cancer to our movement..."  (Richard Warman as "Lucie")
Warman pretends to be a WOMAN named "Lucie" on the "Neo-Nazi" StormFront.Org White Nationalist message board to post messages.

Richard Warman posted the following under a sign that read "WHITE REVOLUTION, The Only Solution"
"I agree. Keep up the good work Commander Schoep! 88 [Heil Hitler]" (Richard Warman as "Lucie")
Warman pretends to be a WOMAN named "Lucie" on the "neo-Nazi" Vanguard News Network (VNNForum) to post messages.  VNN's main page described the site as "No Jews ... Just Right"

3: Infiltration E-Mail address Warman used to engage Eldon Warman and his DeTax movement.  Was also used by Richard Warman to infiltrate the Zundelsite ZGrams internet mailing list.  Richard Warman also calls Canadian Human Rights Tribunal an "inquisition" [Covert Ops > Mary Dufford]

4: Infiltration of Canadian Heritage Alliance mailing list and to order a supporter card.
“Not only is Canadian Senator Anne Cools is a Negro, she is also an immigrant! And she is also one helluva preachy c*nt. She does NOT belong in my Canada. My Anglo-Germanic people were here before there was a Canada and her kind have jumped in, polluted our race, and forced their bullshit down our throats. Time to go back to when the women nigger imports knew their place… And that place was NOT in public! (Richard Warman as "90sAreOver")
6: Infiltration account used on the Northern Alliance website.  Warman initially denied under oath to having this account,  then was forced to admit it, under cross-examination.
[59] During his cross-examination, Mr. Warman admitted (after initially denying) that he had participated in communicating messages on Internet Websites similar to the Northern Alliance Website... [Decision: 2009 CHRT 10]

On Warman pretending to be a woman named: Mary Dufford.
It's an account that I previously used to correspond with Mr. [Eldon] Warman. Whenever there were questions about issues surrounding the case, or if there was something that I wished to know more about his theories, then I would simply send him e-mails using this pseudonym account, posing as a supporter of his.
I apologize for the wording of the initiating e-mail, but I have found in the past that you tend to get a better response or a more rapid response if you pose as a supporter who accepts the theories, or at least is interested in knowing more

Testimony of Richard Warman (See Full transcript in Eldon Warman's case)

On Richard Warman perhaps wanting to contact Eldon Warman pretending to be Mary Dufford the judge said:
"But I would not encourage a party to send e-mail under an assumed name. I really think that would be inappropriate. I am not completely comfortable with that."
Senior Tribunal Member - Dr. Paul Groarke

Warman has been awarded close to $50,000 (tax-free) for his "hurt feelings"
Case #:
CHRT Ruling:
"Mr. Kyburz shall pay to Mr. Warman the sum of $15,000 as special compensation, pursuant to subsection 54(1)(b) of the Act;
section 14.1 violation:
ii) Mr. Kyburz shall pay to Mr. Warman the sum of $15,000 for Mr. Warman's pain and suffering;

Case #:
CHRT Ruling:
Alexan Kulbashian
$5,000 as special compensation pursuant to s. 54(1)(b) 

Case #:
CHRT Ruling:
Tomasz Winnicki
$500 for pain and suffering  AND
$5,000 special compensation, pursuant to s. 53(3) of the Act.

Case #:
CHRT Ruling:
Jessica Beaumont
$3,000 in special compensation, pursuant to s. 54(1)(b)

Total to Oct 27, 2007:  $48,500

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