Monday 17 December 2012

Another court smacks down top Canadian censor, Richard Warman

Another court smacks down top Canadian censor, Richard Warman

Richard Warman is one of the most dangerous men in Canada. He is one of the most principled enemies of freedom in this country, and he has learnt how to effectively use the anti-democratic Canadian Human Rights Commission against his enemies. He seemed invincible for a while, but then he started facing freedom fighters who refused to back down and be intimidated by a thug. A court recently awarded Connie Fournier, founder of the Free Dominion website, court costs from Mr. Warman. (Note the “pa” suffix in FD’s domain name because they decided to set up offshore because Canada has become a dangerous place for freedom advocates to operate.) Today, we learn that, in a libel case Mr. Warman himself launched against Ezra Levant, a Superior Court judge has ordered Mr. Warman to turn over “a laptop computer he used to create false personas on far-right websites, so that an independent expert can search it for evidence that Mr. Warman authored a racist comment against a Canadian Senator.

Following is an excerpt from Ezra Levant’s blog today on this development. You can read the complete post and follow Mr. Levant’s links here.

August 19, 2010
Superior Court of Justice: Richard Warman must hand over his computer for inspection
By Ezra Levant

It’s been months since I’ve given a report about the nuisance SLAPP lawsuits that Canada’s illiberal censors have unleashed against me. As longtime readers will know, I was targeted by Canada’s Orwellian human rights industry back in 2006 when they falsely prosecuted me for publishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed in a magazine, and I dared to fight back instead of go meekly.

Those bullies dropped the cartoon prosecution against me (after 15 government bureaucrats and lawyers dined out on me for 900 days), leaving me with $100,000 in legal bills. (Thank you for helping me pay that bill, dear reader.) But then the most aggressive members of the human rights industry proceeded to punish me by filing over 20 law society complaints and five defamation suits against me, which have been proceeding ever since.

Today’s story in the National Post about one of those lawsuits seems like a good opportunity to give an update.

Warman must hand over his neo-Nazi records

The Post story is headlined “Lawyer who launched libel suit against Ezra Levant ordered to hand over computer”, and that’s a pretty accurate summary of what happened this week. In brief, an Ontario judge has ordered Richard Warman, a former Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) staffer and Canada’s most prolific censor, to hand over a copy of his laptop computer to an independent forensic expert, who will search it for evidence relevant to Warman’s Nazi activities.

Warman’s neo-Nazi activities already condemned by Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
Those activities are at the center of Warman’s two nuisance lawsuits against me. Warman is a member of several neo-Nazi organizations, including Stormfront and Vanguard, and he posted hundreds of anti-Semitic, anti-black and anti-gay comments online, including my personal favourite, when he called Jews “scum”. That last comment was particularly offensive to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which issued a ruling last year calling Warman’s racist conduct “disappointing and disturbing”. No kidding.

Writing hundreds of bigoted messages is bizarre and un-Canadian to begin with. But even weirder is that Warman published much of this bigotry while he was working at the CHRC, and then later when Warman went on to work at the Department of National Defence’s own internal human rights commission, called the Directorate of Special Grievances. Seriously, that’s what it’s called.

So here was someone claiming to be fighting against “hate speech” by day, but pumping out hundreds of hateful comments by night.


Warman has given a name to his belief in bullying: “maximum disruption”
Anyways, Warman sued me because I wrote about this creepiness. You can see his statement of claim here (he’s actually sued me twice, in nearly-identical lawsuits), and my statement of defence here. Warman has sued or threatened to sue over sixty different people for defamation — I’m not the only one he tries to bully with his philosophy he calls “maximum disruption”. But I am, so far, the only person who has used the procedural rules of court to demand that Warman disclose his relevant records — such as the electronic trail he left behind as he wrote his countless bigoted comments online.

Read the complete post here.

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