Thursday 13 December 2012

Liberal Fascist Richard Warman Is Inside DND

Liberal Fascist Richard Warman Is Inside DND 

Ezra Levant chomps down hard on the elusive Liberal Fascist aggressor, Richard Warman, and refuses to let go, demanding answers as to what he's doing within the Department of National Defence hierarchy.
What’s Richard Warman up to these days? It’s a question that even Athanasios Hadjis, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal chairman, was asking last week in Ottawa. That’s because the hearing over which Hadjis was presiding was called Warman v. Lemire, with Warman as the nominal complainant. But all that means is Warman filled out the paperwork to start the complaint – and he gets to cash the cheque from Marc Lemire when Lemire is convicted of thought crimes, as 100% of section 13 respondents have been before him.

Warman hadn’t shown up at his own hearing for months. But he had no reason to show up – the taxpayers of Canada were doing his work for him, in the form of Canadian Human Rights Commission lawyers and staff who were prosecuting the case. In fact, Warman had a positive reason not to attend – pesky reporters were in attendance, chock full of questions about his serial complaints, his collusion and interference with CHRC staff, and his personal philosophy of “maximum disruption”.

Warman wasn’t far away, though – his office is literally one block west of the Tribunal, actually. Warman works as a lawyer for the Department of National Defence. But what does he do there?

Warman is no soldier – unless you count the time he bravely commanded a squad of street urchins in their surprise pie attack on Warman’s enemy, David Icke. So what does Warman do to help keep our country safe, and liberate Afghanistan?
Read on to find out for yourself. Hint: "Lucie" is perhaps up to his old tricks again, it would appear. He's with the "Directorate of Special Grievances", whatever the hell that is. Again, find out for yourself.
Ezra Levant will not let Richard Warman get away with any more of his personally financially rewarding Liberal Fascism campaign to take away Canadians' rights. Ezra's asking for any military personnel who have fallen victim to Comrade Warman to tell him their story.
The Liberal Fascists will not be able to breathe easy ever again. Ezra Levant will not relent. Neither will freedom-loving Canadians!
We must root out the Liberal Fascists, wherever they lurk, wherever they lie, no matter where, no matter how, and no matter what the expense. Turnabout is fair play, Liberal Fascists!
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