Thursday 13 December 2012

National Post and Nazi DND Lawyer Richard Warman team up to attack Free Dominion

Is the National Post still a conservative newspaper?

Consider the following article: ... 33901.html

Is the National Post still a conservative newspaper? Let's look at the evidence.

Back in 2008, Jonathan Kay wrote an article about Richard Warman and posted it on the National Post website. It was entitled "Jonathan Kay on Richard Warman and Canada's phony-racism industry". A complete copy of that article is available here: It is about midway down the page under the National Post logo.

About 8 hours after the article was posted, the National Post received a libel notice from Richard Warman and they pulled the article and wrote an apology.

Richard Warman sued them anyway. They were named as co-defendents in the same lawsuit against FD, SmallDeadAnimals, FiveFeetofFury and Ezra Levant.

Sometime along the way the National Post reached a settlement with Richard Warman and the lawsuit was dropped against them and Jonathan Kay (it continues against the rest of us). Around that time, the National Post gave an exclusive copyright licence to Richard Warman for the Kay article. That meant that he could publish it himself (yeah, right), or he could sue anyone else who published it (right up his alley).

Shortly after that, Warman contacted us and told us that he had a copyright licence for that article and demanded that the copy of the article be removed from Free Dominion. We complied. We took down the article and replaced it with a direct excerpt from the Statement of Claim that he had served on all of us and filed with the court. That excerpt contained some lines from the article and the meanings that Warman had attached to them.

In the spring of 2011, Warman contacted us again and said he was going to launch a copyright suit against us over the excerpts of that article, the speech that detailed his "Maximum Disruption" strategy of legal warfare against his political enemies (available here:, and a photo of him that was hotlinked from his website.

In an attempt to comply with his request and avoid the litigation, we removed the offending items and links from Free Dominion, even though we felt we were not violating copyright law.

This, of course, was not enough from Mr. Warman, who responded that he wanted $8,583.93 for legal costs and "damages" before he would drop it.

So, to make a long story short, we couldn't afford to hire another lawyer so we represented ourselves, went to court and won.

Unfortunately, the story doesn't end here.

The National Post was named on the lawsuit, but they did not have their own lawyers. Everything was served on the "Solicitors for the Applicants", the firm Warman hired.

Once the decision came down, however, the National Post, for some reason, decided that they needed to bring in their own legal firepower. They hired one of the most expensive and prestigious copyright law firms in Canada and filed their own appeal.

Between the two law firms representing Warman and the National Post, however, they managed to miss a deadline in the proceeding by nearly a month.

They must be granted an extension by the court or they will not be allowed to proceed.

Interestingly, that motion for extension was brought by the lawyers for the National Post, and Richard Warman's lawyer is not even making any submissions. The National Post lawyers also seem to be taking a lead role in this case now.

Since the material has all been removed from Free Dominion, the National Post is after us for one thing. Money.

And, all Richard Warman has to do now is sit back and relax while the National Post supplies all the money and legal muscle to continue pounding us in court.

So, is the National Post still a conservative newspaper? Instead of using their financial resources to stand with their conservative co-defendents who were standing up for freedom of speech, they bailed, and they provided the plaintiff with the tools to launch further litigation against us. Now, they have hired the most expensive lawyers they can find to go after Canada's largest conservative website for money.

So, I say there is nothing conservative about the National Post, and real conservatives should seriously consider finding other news alternatives.

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