Thursday 20 December 2012

Free Speech War "Linking" Litigation: Blazing Cat Fur under fire

Speaking of good causes -- our northern neighbors and fellow freedom fighters (and quite possibly my favorite Canadian blog), Blazing Cat Fur, is under free speech attack from a fascist thug who wants to silence the truth tellers. Blazing Cat Fur is being sued for ....libel.
As many of you are aware my legal tussle, the fallout from our victory over Section 13 (1), with Richard Warman continues. Warman is suing for libel, largely for comments made by multiple readers. Trial is approaching in the New Year and anticipated costs will escalate by a very significant degree.

While I take no pleasure in asking for your help I must if we are to continue to fight. If everyone who visits this blog on a daily basis were to donate 20 Dollars our situation would be vastly improved.
Mark Steyn wrote of this battle:
During my battles with the Canadian "human rights" regime, we relentlessly exposed the corrupt relationship between the Commissars and Canada's self-appointed Hatefinder-General, Richard Warman. See here and here, among many other places. I also spoke about him when testifying to Parliament. Almost as soon as the truth about his Nazi website postings became known, Warman began suing. He sued Ezra Levant, with whom I'll be appearing on Saturday, as well as Kate McMillan, Kathy Shaidle, Free Dominion and anyone else who got in his way. At the time, many people asked me why he hadn't sued me, both for columns that appeared in Maclean's and for posts such as this one at SteynOnline.
Well, the reason he didn't sue me is because (a) Maclean's is a corporate entity with very deep pockets and (b) SteynOnline is based in the United States, where no court would give him the time of the day. So considerably more vulnerable Canadians have had to bear the brunt and serve as proxy targets for Warman's shakedown racket. He is now suing Blazing Cat Fur merely for linking to "far-right web site" SteynOnline, and demanding half-a-million dollars for damage to his "reputation".
These suits are a bloody fortune, and are designed to shut us up and shut us down.

There are so few of us out here in the wilderness. We fight for our freedom, your freedom and freedom for your children, only to suffer the relentless attacks and smear campaigns on our work, our good names and reputations, with little compensation. This is not easy work. But we do it. Every day. We do it because we must, because it is right and because silence is surrender.

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